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Robert Hoffman

BFA Indiana University 2007

Mixed media and self-taught fiber artists

Robert Hoffman grew up in Indiana, near his grandparents. They were amateur ornithologists living near a limestone quarry surrounded by woods. He graduated with a BFA from Indiana University and has been showing his work since 1993. In 2008 Robert moved to Baltimore city, and has exhibited in MAP’s Under 500, Out of Order and Gallery Blue Door among others.  

Being a loner as a child he would often ride a bike out to his grandparents and play in the woods where he observed wildlife, specifically birds. In the woods he studied them on branches, briar, ledges and in the low water areas around the quarry. The behaviors of the birds and their interaction with the world fascinated him, these experiences converge in Robert’s mind to create a fantasy world for his birds. These elements become the fanciful surroundings in which his birds exist and tell their narratives.


My artwork depicts lusciously colored, textured fantasy worlds in which a variety of birds exist together. They act out random narratives in whimsical and fictitious environments. I personify birds because we share similarities such as constructing homes in intricate ways, and “preening” ourselves to stay beautiful. The colors of my birds and their worlds are based on the magnificent array that we see in them, and in the environment.


The use of maps, the softness of embroidery thread, along with the gloss of 3D filament in my mountainous landscapes, demonstrate places that the birds would land, congregate, eat, nest. The multi layered elements in my overall work recreate the topography of  the branches, briar, and ledges in my memory. 


Some of the techniques that I use are decalcomania, frottage, fumage, collage, painting and drawing. I use mixed media, consisting of acrylic, watercolor, color pencil, graphite, pla filament and other media.

Solo Shows

2024 Planetary Something, Painters Workshop. Baltimore, MD

2024 Artdromeda, Montgomery Ward Building, Baltimore, MD.

2023 Planets of Birds, Luann Carra Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2023 Journey Through the Mountains, Arthouse, Baltimore, MD.

2022 Imaginary Worlds, Gallery Blue Door, Baltimore, MD.

2021 Showcase Exhibit, Baltimore Gallery of Art Baltimore, MD.

2018 Places with No Color, Alchemy of Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2015 Random Places, Hotel Brexton, Baltimore, MD. 

2014 Hieroglyphic Beginnings, Baltimore Threadquarters, Baltimore, MD. 

2010 The Last Tales of Society, Common Ground, Baltimore, MD. 

2010 The Society, Yellow Dog, Baltimore, MD.

2008 The Fantastic World, Irvine Nature Ctr. Baltimore, MD.



2020 Call and Response, Collaborative work of Kristin Filler & Robert Hoffman, Fox Building Gallery, Baltimore, MD



​Group Shows

2024 MAP Out of Order, Maryland Art Place, Baltomore, MD

2023 Bmore Amplified, Baltimore City Hall Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2022 IMPACT: Baltimore Showcase, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD.

2022 Casa's Art of Caring, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD.

2021 Pop Up, MAXgallery, Baltimore, MD.

2021 First Friday, Baltimore Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2021 Overlea Artsfest, Overlea, MD

2021 First Friday, Baltimore Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2021 I Didn't Lick It, Bruton Museum/Bruton Correspondence School, Bruton, UK

2021 Spring Showcase, Fox Building Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2020 Katsea Gallery, Katsea Gallery, Towson, MD.

2020 Artist Showcase, Baltimore Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2019 Baltimore Spectacle, Hancock Solar Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2019 Diverse Fibers, MAXgallery, Baltimore, MD.

2019 Fiber Options, Columbia Art Center, Columbia, MD.

2019 Cathartic-Art that Heals, Atlas Fine Art, Baltimore, 

2018 Overlea Arts Fest, Overlea, MD.

2018 North by Northwest Hamilton Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2018 Artist Meetup, Maxgallery, Baltimore, MD.

2017 Artist Meetup, Maxgallery, Baltimore, MD.

2017 Emergence II, Greenhouse Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2017 Intersections, Gray Matter Art Space/K. Hamill Fine Art, Baltimore, MD.

2017 Artdromeda Pop-Up Art Show, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD 

2017 100 Artists Show, Highlandtown Gallery, Baltimore, MD. 

2016 A Constellation of Artists Pop Up Art Show, Montgomery Park, Baltimore, MD. 

2016 Artdromeda + The Art Collective Pop Up Art Show, 

2016 Lowbrow Art Show, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD. 

2016 Art For Life AIDS Benefit Art Show, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD. 

2016 One A Day Exhibition, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD. 

2016 10+1 Artist Invitation Exhibition, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD. 

2015 13m All Male Exhibition, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD. 

2015 Anything Goes Exhibition, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD. 

2015 Queer Art Show Exhibition, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD. 

2015 Gallery 788, Youth Empowered Society Silent Auction/Fundraiser Baltimore, MD. 

2015 Spring Into Art, Patterson Park Public Charter School, Baltimore, MD.

2015 Highlandtown Gallery 100 Artist Show, Baltimore, MD. 

2014 Highlandtown Arts District Show, Baltimore Threadquarters Baltimore MD.

2014 Mushroom City Arts Festival, Gallery 788 Baltimore, MD. 

2014 Little Havens Hospice Yarn Bomb Essex UK  (Participant/Guinness Book of World Records)

2014 The Salty Sheep Yarn Shop Yarn Bomb, Swansboro, NC.

2014 American Craft Council Convention, Baltimore, MD.

2014 Spring Into Art Patterson Park Public Charter School Baltimore, MD. 

2014 What the Night Brings Baltimore Threadquarters, Baltimore, MD.

2014 6x6x2014 Exhibition, Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo), Rochester, NY.

2013 Phone Kiosk yarn bombing, Highlandtown, Baltimore, MD.

2013 Out of Order, Maryland Art Place (MAP), Baltimore MD.

2013 6x6x2013 Exhibition, Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo), Rochester, NY.

2013 4x6/6x4 Postcard Show, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO.

2012 MDfME Benefit Show, Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

2012 Artscape Group Show, Ottobar, Baltimore, MD. 

2012 6x6x2012 Exhibition, Rochester Contemporary Art Center / Ovation, Rochester, NY.

2011 A Taste of the Arts, The Stable Studios/Helping Hammer, Bloomington, IN.

2010 Art in Fusion, JSR Associates, Ellicott City, MD.

2009 On the Green, Irvine Nature Ctr., Owings Mills, MD.

2009 Out of Order, Maryland Art Place (MAP), Baltimore MD. 

2007 Senior Student Exhibition, Indiana-Purdue University School of VPA, Fort Wayne, IN.

2005 SGC Conference Exchange, Washington D.C.

2004 12 NCECA conference/IPFW Student Exhibition, Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN

2004 IPFW Alumnae & Student Exhibition, FPC Gallery, Fort Wayne, IN

1994 Student Exhibition Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN.

1993 Student Exhibition Vincennes University, Vincennes, IN


Public Work

2017 This How I Build a Home (Performance), Living Stage Program, RL, Baltimore, MD.

2016 You Are So_______ collaborative installation with Uncustomary and Craftivism

2014 American Craft Council Convention Yarn Bomb, Baltimore, MD.

2014 Installation Baltimore City Mushroom Festival, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD.

2014 Little Havens Hospice Yarn, Bomb Essex UK. (Guinness Book of World Records)


Performance Art

2017 This is How I Build a Home, Living Stage, Hotel RL, Baltimore, MD link to the video



SEW/Society for Embroidered Work, member 2017 



2022 HUTS Magazine, Issue #6 pgs.52-53

2022 CASA Interview for Art of Caring CASA Baltimore.

2021 Creativity Connects, NAMI of Maryland, Baltimore, MD

2020 Made in Isolation Project,

2018 Baltimore LED sign, Baltimore MD.

2018 Baltimore United Viewfinders, Interviewed by Students for Educational purpose.

(Interviewed at Artist Meetup, Max Gallery, Baltimore, MD.)

2017 K. Hamill Art & Design, Baltimore, MD.

2016 City Paper/The Map Issue, vol.40 no.26, June 29-July 6 2016 2013 

2013 Birchwood Design Group, internet issue/Article on yarn bombing. Dec 12th

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